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There are very few that leave their heart out on the dancefloor. The love felt in the packed rooms of nightclubs, to the fields of the festival circuit, comes from a passion that resonates from DJMiahLove behind the decks. Genetically predisposed, Miah took to the horns, mastering the brass section but is no stranger to the strings, playing the cello and bass. The likes of The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, Plasticman aka Richie Hawtin, Keoki, and The Crystal Method laid a legendary foundation for Miah in his youth. The Prodigy’s debut album, ‘Experience’ was the spark, “I was completely blown away and hooked on electronic music and knew where my true musical calling was”.

Set off by the explosion of UK Nu-NRG, Trance, Hard House and Happy Hardcore in the 90’s electronic music scene, Mr. Love discovered his passion and has been spreading this love since 98’. Early in his career he was a Texas club staple, taking residency at several of Austin’s hottest clubs. Coming to the tables with new unique sounds that make crowds move was his mission, “I've been spinning since 1998, the first couple of years, people really never heard those sounds before. I started spinning happy hardcore and grew from there. Right now my focus is Hypnotic Dreamy Deep Tech and Dark Forest Psy-Trance but there are some sets that represent multiple genres, stuff I pick up here and there, of the many styles I play.” The definition of a pioneer, Mr. Love strives brings new and different sounds to the masses.

In 2000, as a professional club DJ in the central U.S, his palette for a wide range of styles and genres developed further. He is known for Jazz, Deep, Funk, Disco, Electro, Circuit, Tribal, Progressive House, Tech House, Uplifting and Tech Trance. With roots in the club scene, moving the once crowded dancefloors, Miah anticipates the culture and feels the people. Now paying homage to the underground, shaking music venues and forest floors at festivals. His mixes and sets are made to mark moments in time, DJMiahLove creates unforgettable memories with each unique set, making it akin to a soulful experience.

DJMiahLove would like to remind you that it’s only called a set or mix if you weren’t there. If you were fortunate enough to have been there, it’s called an experience, the DJMIAHLOVE experience..

Crunktronic Ent, Austin, TX
Love Productions, CT

Funky Communications, RI

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We contacted DJMiahLove awhile ago and he was on board from the get-go to be our first featured Dj/musical artist. We wanted to know more about him so we could share his talent and make the scene more aware of him and others like him. Kid O & Kila came up with some questions to help us & our audience, see into the life and mind of one our own...

So welcome to Project S!ne Miah, we like anyone want to know what and/or who it was that made you get into Dj'n Electronic music and when did you know it was something you wanted to pursue?

...well the first electronic music to hit my ears was Prodigy's debut album "The Experience". From there I fell deeply in love with Chemical Brothers and The Crystal Method and other old school break beat. When I heard Happy Hardcore for the first time, my interest in the behind the scenes grew. It was when I heard DJ Brisk that made me want to learn the art of mixing.

Being that hip hop and its culture brought Dj'n to the forefront, what was it about Electronic music that made DJMiahLove get started as a Dj in the underground electronic scene? was the intensity and variety that electronic offered that really made me get interested. Still to this day it is that limitless boundaries that I love about electronic music. With style like Electro swing that bring 20's & 30's swing and house music together. Just really proves what I have always said, If you can think it you can bring it to life with electronic music

As a Dj that has been in the scene for awhile, what event that you preformed at stands out as your most memorable gig?

...had to have been a recent one where i was booked to play in Boston at the House of Blues for the Caravan Palace concert after party. They were the first to bring the style to my ears and hands down my favorite Electro Swing group. Them being from France, I had not had a chance to see them live as they were never anywhere around me. A friend of mine submitted a mix of mine without me knowing and when the promoters hit me up to book me, it was unreal. Not only was I going to get to see them live but also play at their show. The whole trip and show was magnificent and one that I will never forget.

Being a Dj we all started as a fans and the last answer proves a fan/patron, what was your favorite event to be a part of?

...I would have to say it was not just one event but yet an event space back in Santa Fe NM called Harambe. There was a crew called Cosmic Kids that threw events there. The vibe they created with deco and music was unbeatable. This was also back in the old school rave days when there were about 200 kids and everyone knew everyone and when you first arrived, you couldnt take 2 steps without seeing someone and giving them a big hug. It so funny because they always burned Nag Champa insents and still to this day, I am shot back in time to that good ol' building anytime I catch a wiff of those being burned.

You've been around for a bit and in that time you have done alot I'm sure, Is there anything that you know you would still like to accomplish in the electronic music scene?

...There's a couple items on my DJ bucket list but the top 2 are to get booked to play in Ibiza for a season and also play overseas. I guess both would be covered with the Ibiza booking but I also want to play around Europe..

     So with all the new technology, what is your stand on the turntables vs the controller debate that always ensues between dj's?

...I say play on what you feel comfortable playing on but I feel a real DJ has the skill and ability to drop beats in any situation on any equipment. I like using my Denon MC6000 controller for the MANY features it possesses that aid in making a seamless sounding mix but I have been at a show and my computer crashes mid set. I always carry back up CD's with me, so I pulled them right out and jumped on the CDJ's and continued rocking out with only about 30 seconds of dead air. My advice to all newer DJ's is to learn how to beat match and learn how to use vinyl as these are not only fun to use in their own way but it makes you a well rounded artist, able to rock a crowd no matter what is there to play on.

   Well now that we know DJMiahLove a lil, what is your most major goal in the music biz?

...Well I think it would be to have at least one smash hit that a majority of electronic music lovers know and love. The biggest goal of mine was achieved when I played my first party. That was to make people dance and have fun and to offer a release of their world of problems for just 1 hour on the dance floor...with me behind the decks while they do it!!

     Thank you for some time with DJMiahLove and it was awesome to have worked with you as our first featured musical artist.. With that all said and done, we will leave you with this.. 


  Anywhere in the universe, where would DJMiahLove choose to play a set?

...The place doesnt really matter. It could be in a club, in a forest, on the moon or traveling through the galaxy. As long as there are bodies moving, that's where I dream of being.

    First of all, Steve, welcome and thanks for being our first ever featured visual artist here at PROJECT S!NE! I guess we should start off by asking; What got you into this type of artwork and how long have you been creating it?

 My interest in art began as soon as I could hold a crayon. Growing up I was influenced by my uncle to draw and read comic books. The more I drew the better I got, as I honed my skills it inspired me to draw even more. For years I only drew comic book style illustrations. It wasn't until I was a teenager did I discover graffiti. With an almost ten year break from drawing, I've been at it for about sixteen years. There are projects and things I'd really like to do, but if I don't it's okay. Tomorrow is another day and it's never too late.

What’s integral to your work as an artist?

I believe that passion is probably the single most driving force. Gotta have that fire, that desire to create something from nothing.

What role does the artist have in society?

With out the creative nature of an "artist" how can we innovate. I believe it is the artists of our society that are responsible for creating new and innovating things. Without creativity there can be no growth only stagnation.

How has your practice change over time?

Well, I used to practice all of the time but now not so much. However, I believe the key to excelling at anything is repetition and practice.

Describe a real-life situation that inspired you?

Unfortunately I can't recall a particular occurrence, but I always feel more creative when I'm around others who are being creative.

As an artist, what outlook do you have on life?

Well it's simple really, do unto others as you would have them do to you. P.L.U.R. kinda says it all, and keep and open mind and an open heart.

What's the most memorable response you had to your artwork?

Things like, wow! That's amazing! Or, no way you did that! And, no way that's the first time you did that!

What art do you most identify with and why?

For me the answer is simple, graffiti. I grew up in New York city, I was surrounded by it. The infamous "5 Points" gallery was only a short train ride from where I lived and grew up. It was a part of the culture I most identified with so it became a part of me. It wasn't until I matured a bit that I realized it's true potential as an art form.

What themes do you pursue?

With graffiti, not so much. However, when I do illustrations, it's usually comic or anime oriented.

Where is your favorite or most inspirational place?

Some of my favorite places are out in the woods or on a beach. I do also find art museums and galleries to be very inspirational. However, I can still appreciate a hopping night club.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Its never too late and don't give up.

Professionally, what’s your goal?

My only real goal in life is to be the best person I can be no matter what I'm doing or whom I'm with.

What is your dream project?

Wow... Haven't really given it much thought. Maybe I should. Hmmmm.....

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