NEW ON OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Spray Paint: Project S!ne Style

When you hear the words “spray paint,” do you automatically think “graffiti”? Well my friend there’s much more to the sound of rattling cans than some rebellious teens causing trouble or graffiti on train cars and bridges.

This street artist from central MA spends hours meticulously spray-painting signature, photo-realistic scenes of nature and space on anything from poster board to canvas. Meet Andrew Coache. The multi-talented artist who is making a name for himself in the electronic music scene as dj and producer of electro house "Kid Optimus" and now in the world of art."I've always had a passion for art", the 37-year-old artist said. "I began drawing with pencil when I was 8 years old. I studied and work in graphic design from 1997 to 2003 around the same time I got into djing and music production." Andrew started his spray paint art in the spring of 2016 and has been getting a lot of attention selling over 100 paintings in less than a year. His art has been displayed in the Paris Street Art Gallery in Everett MA. This style of art was first created by mexican artistin the 1980's and has since spread world wide.Andrew captured this entire mesmerizing process in the above time-lapse video and sent it in for all of us to enjoy!

You can check out more of his work below and on either of his websites or his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Art Website

Music Website



As promised, here is the video of our featured artist for the month of October, Krista Rodrigues as she paints her "Galaxia" piece. Once again we would like to apologize for being unable to run it on our featured episode of S!NEWAVE SATURDAYS.

"Alpha" By Kid Optimus

    EHtraxx proudly presents the 2017 EP "Beautiful Faults" from Kid Optimus. In this three track (Beautiful Faults, Alpha & Kill Switch) release, the US based producer delivers a high energy vibe of Bass riffs and smooth, almost cinematic-like melodies. Just in time for festival season, the "Beautiful Faults" EP is a definite crowd pleaser!

Get jumping with this blend of break & house beats together with soft melodies hard basslines.

Video was created using free clips from

So in the infancy of Project S!ne we had some help with a solid and gorgeous studio, Little River Recordings was gracious to let the Project S!ne boys in for some great quality videos of themselves.. This was Kila's set and it def came out top notch...ENJOY!!

This was Kid O's video recorded @ Little River Recordings. The most noticeable difference between him and Kila is that most of the tracks Kid O plays are more then likely his own or remixes done by him. As more of a producer then Kila he spends his time behind a computer diving into his own productions, some of which you can hear and download on this site.

Desktop Site