VOLUME 1  


what is up frank thank you for accepting to be our may featured artist for 2019. I guess we should start off by asking how did you get into your artwork?

I've been drawing pretty much my whole life,I liked to draw comic book characters as a kid. Growing up in a city I saw alot of the graffiti,once I started I couldn't stop. It caught my eye when I was 11 or 12. After trial and error and a few name drops I started writing volume 1 in 96.....23 years later..


what is integral to your work as an artist?

There really is no limits to my artwork,I try to stay humble and be within my comfort zone,but there's always room to progress.

what role does the artist play in society?

Graffiti has become more commercial,but it's still illegal. As I get older I can't take the risks as I did when I was younger,can't maintain a reckless mentality as a responsible adult. But,it's a lifestyle and an element of hip hop,it has it's place in the world much like anything else.

how has your practice changed over time?

With age I feel style progresses. Again,it's trial and error,but I try to stay focused on my craft and master it to the best of my abilities. I don't watch videos for tips or anything like that,I sort of go with the flow and learn as go.

what art do you most identify with and why?

I appreciate all art and self expression,but graffiti art is what I identify with the most. It's a lifestyle that I embrace.

what themes do you pursue?

I usually like to freestyle,the only themes I really stick with is color coordinating when collaborating with other writers, or what to brainstorm on a specific production.

Describe a real life situation that inspired you.

I remember seeing a specific tag as a kid(no names) Wondering what it said, years later I met this dude,a few years after that I met this dude again....long story short,I'm in his crew. It's real life situations like that which inspires me.

As an artist what outlook do you have on life?

I feel that one should have a positive outlook on life, artist or not. Naturally people are pessimistic,some more than others,but I try to be as optimistic as possible. No matter how bad things are, someone always has it worse. So expect the worst and hope for the best. Hit a wall with a positive attitude,I feel that painting angry throws off the potential.

what is the most memoarble response you have had on your artwork?

Anytime I get positive feedback on my artwork is memorable. But,when I was in middle School my art teacher would tell me that graffiti is nothing but vandalism and an eyesore on the city,I gave her Subway art to read,she gave it back about a week later with a different outlook on the art form. I taught an art teacher about Graff in middle school,as a beginner none the less.

what is your favorite or most inspirational place?

Any place that has alot of Graff,I feel comfortable surrounded by the art.

what is the best peice of advise you have been given?

Always be humble,have style and learn to be original. Keep in mind that no matter how good you are,there's always someone better. Be your own person and stand out in a crowd as an individual.

professioanlly what are your goals?

To progress as an artist and keep doing what I'm doing. I've got a t-shirt company in the works, volume 1/ mental break down. Collaborating with new artists and painting spots that will turn heads. Any day I get to paint.......I gotta say it was a good day.

        APRIL 2019 FEATURED DJ:


    After being heard at a local show in 1985, at the age of 15 he was asked to be a resident at the now defunct Bermuda Triangle in Boston. Todd went on to spin many hip hop events and dance clubs in his younger years all around New England. In 1991, he experienced his first rave party in Montreal and decided to add electronica and house music to his repertoire. Within 2 years his name was synonymous with New England's underground dance scene. In 1994 he decided to open his own weekly event in Cambridge MA. The result was ZOOM which went on to become one of the most successful Tuesday night parties in Boston history, regularly hitting 600 attendees a week, featuring the best DJ in the US along with local favorites from the area. Later that year Todd became a record buyer for Biscuithead records in Boston.worldwide. 

    In 1998 Todd won a series of "Gemini Dj Battles" and was crowned the #1 DJ in NH. In 2006 he was asked to join the group Recycled Percussion, a national award winning touring percussion act. Over the next 3 years they played an average of 250 shows a year and garnered dozens of awards in the US college circuit. In 2009 they were asked to try out for "America's Got Talent" where they eventually placed 3rd out of over 115,000 acts nationwide becoming the highest placing “non singing” act in the shows (at that time) history. They have since performed in some of the most recognized venues in the world including the Hammerstein Ballroom, the Roseland Ballroom,Nokia Theater, Mile High Stadium, Shanghai Olympic Stadium, Madison Square Garden, the Coliseum Caesars Palace Las Vegas etc. 

   Todd held the position of DJ, vocalist, percussionist, media director and co- producer for the Tropicana show. In 2010 Todd was also invited to be a summer resident dj for Nikki Beach Las Vegas. In January 2013 Recycled Percussion was asked to bring a new multi million dollar production and be the headline performers at the brand new Quad resort and casino on the Las Vegas strip. In 2013 Todd retired from his full time positions with Recycled Percussion but continued to do up to 60 shows a year as a performer with the group up and till 2017. Before his departure from Las Vegas Todd helped facilitate a long term contract with Holland America Cruise Lines for the Recycled Percussion brand.

 Todd has been a professional touring nightclub/event DJ and producer for over 30 years. Playing along side some of the biggest names in the industry over the last two decades, he has performed in every state in the U.S. in many of the best known venues in the country. Todd was a principal performer with the award winning "America's Got Talent" finalists and Las Vegas headliners, Recycled Percussion for 7 years. He served as their DJ, Media Director, Co Producer, Percussionist and vocalist. Experience Todd started spinning hip hop in 1983.

 In 1996 Todd was asked to be a resident DJ for "Culture". A well known Thursday night weekly event held at AXIS night club on Lansdowne St. in Boston. AXIS featured weekly guest appearances by the biggest DJs world wide. That same year he also took a DJ residency at the immensely popular Friday night party BOOM which ended up being the longest running after hours club in New England at the time. BOOM featured 3 venues with guest DJ 's from all over the US and regularly pulled 1500 attendees. Todd's residency spanned the clubs entire 4 year existence. In 1997 Todd was asked to be a supporting DJ for Moby and Juneau Reactor’s US tour. Over the next 7 years Todd went on to spin hundreds of clubs and parties across North America, Canada and Europe.

 Opening for the likes of Elton John, Alicia Keys, Godsmack, Kanye West, Talib Kwali, The Killers, ZZ Top and Foster the People to name a few. Recycled Percussion's corporate client list includes Microsoft, Apple, BMW, Nike, Dell, Sears, FOX, Snap on, Proctor & Gamble, VM World, Roland, Intel, Werner and many others. They have provided half time entertainment for over 15 NBA teams. They're TV performances include AGT 2009 (contestant),AGT 2010 Semi Finals (musical guest), China's Got Talent Finals, Latin Grammy Awards (performing with Juan Luis Guerrero) , The World MMA Awards, Mobbed (FOX Network) etc. For combined viewing audience of over 700 million people. In 2010 Recycled Percussion landed a nightly show at the world famous Tropicana hotel in Las Vegas where they performed 6 nights a week to sold out crowds. 

In the summer of 2013 Todd relocated to his native New England to work on his own projects and music. That summer Todd partnered up with owner of Peak Hour Music and internationally known DJ/Producer Exodus to coproduced "Friday's at Mansion" series of events in Manchester NH which featured a series of headline DJ's including Starkillers, Exodus, Donald Glaude,DJ Diamond as well as locals such as Bamboora and himself as dj support. Todd is also currently signed to Tight Groove Recordings as a producer and remix artist with recent releases on Beatport, iTunes, Amazon and 140 other digital music outlets 

Our Featured Artist: April 2019

Gretchen Swanson 

The Interview:

When it comes to Art, there are a lot of different styles and techniques, how do you differentiate yours from the rest? In other words, what do you feel makes your work unique and truly your own?

Connecting elements of synesthesia, flow art & abstract expressionism.

What is the most challenging part about being an artist?

Not having enough time to express everything.

Do you believe that it is important to be accepted by others as being creative or is just doing what you love to do enough to justify your work?

Mostly for oneself but community is also important

How did you choose your style of artwork? What inspires you? Do you feel that you chose your "passion," or did it chose you?

Electronic music inspires me, nature, everything in life inspires me. It happened because I bought oil paints for someone else then ended up using them. Easier on my arthritis and carpal tunnel than other media I've used such as wire wrapping, drawing and digital art.

DJ Bleech opened his first show at the Municipal in downtown Hartford in 1999. After attending CSB in 2004, and doing an internship at I-98.3 WILI and 1400am doing commercial production, radio and television production on Thursday and Friday nights, DJ Bleech took over a weekly rock show with his partner Tom at WECS 90.1 which was exposed on the Andrew W K show from MTV2 for exemplary talent and musical selection.

Recently seen at numerous local events and music festivals including: Preclipse 2012, PorcFest (new hampshire) 2012, the Red Maple @ Artscape (baltimore)2012, Willimantic Third Thursday Street Festival 2013, Freedom of Expression Music Fest 2 feat. Immortal Technique, Woodstock 2013, Cosmic Alignment 2014, New York Arts Cypher, Staten Island 2013, Farmblast 2015, Woodstock 2018, Froggy Daze 2018, and NY Harvest Fest 2018. 

The year was 2011. A Connecticut native desperately seeking a new creative outlet to replace the mundane drawings and wire sculptures turns to oils and canvas. With no formal training she quickly developed her own style of abstract using the feeling of music to inspire her creations in real time. Loosely influenced by the great 
Impressionists and Abstract artists such as Van Gogh and Monet. "Music is what mostly drives my brush.. like I’m kind of translating electronic music into a visual format for people who maybe can’t take it in the ears." 

If you are interested in purchasing Gretchens Paintings, contact here on Facebook & Twitter @gmoneypaintings

How does creating art make you feel?

Better, like i'm saying something that can't be described in music or words but has to be said.

Do you think that creativity involves putting your heart and soul into your work? Or is it more like letting your mind flow freely to witness the surprising results of your actions?

I think it's important to try balancing all of the above.

Do you create art for yourself or to share with others?

Mostly for me, to express and set myself free from troubling emotions and worries and unsolved problems. But also to share. When other people smile and see things in my art that i didn't until they tell me.

As a creative artist, do you believe that you perceive the world differently from other people? Do you think that any "unusual" thought processes are involved when you’re work?

Yes definitely. And I think avid creatives see the world differently from people who don't practice creativity.

Don't forget to catch Gretchen creating her astonishing painting live on S!NEWAVE SATURDAYS April 27th right on our media page or at or Facebook Live.

March 2019 featured DJ/Artist:


Associate’s in Science Degree with minor equivalency in music and production, Quinnebaug Valley Community College, 2014
Bachelor’s in Social Work, Rhode Island College, 2017

Mixmaster, mashup artist, and genre extraordinaire, DJ Bleech is a gifted visionary with a taste for sharing his passion for electronic music from around the world. 

Joining the ranks of hiphop producers creating beats for Conphlict and after a decade working in club promotions, putting in many hours of diligent work promoting and organizing shows.

DJ Bleech...

                 is here to show the world, what the best of electronic music has to offer.

March Featured Visual Artist:

Abbey Goldman

My name is Abigail Goldman. Born and raised on Cape Cod, I’ve always been surrounded by the ocean, something I consider myself very lucky for. I was born May 26, 1996 which means I am still just a baby to this world. I would say I was particularly confused growing up, not quite sure where I fit into this world. I looked to nature for advice. Often times I’d be out in the woods, listening to the trees talk, hoping they could give me an answer. You see, trees have a way of being everything they need to be. They live long; strong structures that harbor homes for many creatures, providing oxygen and materials, useful alive and dead. 


When it comes to Art, there are a lot of different styles and techniques, how do you differentiate yours from the rest? In other words, what do you feel makes your work unique and truly your own?

This is an interesting question. I think the uniqueness in art relates to the uniqueness of being a human. It’s like, we are all a little different due to biology, temperament and life events. Mostly, I feel I carry little pieces of everything and everyone who has ever inspired me. I think of humans as rocks, kind of. Each rock is a product of minerals coming together under unique circumstances. And similarly, I will pick up a rock that catches my eye and treasure it for its uniqueness. Yet what catches my eye will go unnoticed by most. It’s very personal.  I feel my art is like the rocks I choose to pick up. More specifically, the eyes. More often than not, I create a face. I start most pieces with the right eye. I don’t know why, I just always have, and it’s a different eye every time. I typically only do one eye while the rest of the face is contorted in some way. The faces I create sort of translate to my journey to understand human existence while feeling so distant to the journey at all times. Its like Im observing while experiencing and it’s really fucking cool.

How did you choose your style of artwork? What inspires you? Do you feel that you chose your "passion," or did it chose you?

I like to believe that passion chose me. I noticed I used to get worked up, thinking I had found my thing when I see others passion. Like if I watched a video about someone's obsession with mountains. Their passion is so apparent and its intoxicating, making me feel i too love mountains! I am intrigued by mountains, but i'm not passionate about them. I realised I was feeling a desire for that person's passion, not to obsess over mountains. So, I believe passion chooses you, or is unique to you because we can all have passion but you can’t force it where it doesn't fit. I chose my style of art...I suppose through observing and connecting with other artists creations? I struggle to move away from darkness. I like things that are a bit creepy, aliens and tired eyes, creepy teeth, holes in faces. I am inspired by life's mysteries. The beauty of nature, the beauty of the ability to ask questions and how they never seem to end. The relationship between emotion and perception, reality and perception. We are so powerful, when you understand just how connected we all are, it is incredible. And communication is such a powerful tool since it’s how we convey and connect. Art is powerful for that reason, and it seems like it's necessary to our existence. It's kind of insane when you stop and wonder what art really is. I've been developing my answer to this question for years now. I'll let you know when I have one. I believe over time my approach will change. As I come into myself, my purpose will become more clear, and be translated into my art. I think I will have an image in mind and create that as opposed to creating with a blindfold. I have felt like less of an artist before since I don’t follow any methodically planned out themes or create with a message in mind. But I have grown to love my approach and, as it is, I am happy to let my mind flow and see where I end up.

Do you believe that it is important to be accepted by others as being creative or is just doing what you love to do enough to justify your work?

Initially, I don’t care what others think. I am always my own worst critic, yet I’d be a fool if I believed people’s approval didn’t push me forward. While I’m creating I am concerned about what I think of it, yet in the back of my mind I do get giddy thinking about showing it to people and how they might react. I definitely respond well to praise. I want to say it is more important to be accepted but I don’t believe in that. When I was in elementary school, I got in trouble quite a bit for drawing on homework assignments and that never stopped me, so I think I would always do what I loved even if it wasn’t accepted.

What is the coolest art tip you’ve ever received?

I don’t know if this is considered an art tip, but I had an art teacher in middle school who told my class that, “a line is a dot that kept going.” I think this really captures the element of flow which is the key ingredient to any type of art. Hearing this seemed to seal the bond between art and myself. We would all just be a bunch of dots if we never moved forward. I feel like it'd be really cool if there was a way to track everyone's movements. I wonder what kind of image we would create.

My mom told me when I was a little kid to never scribble over mistakes, instead I should turn it into something else. I really liked that tip.

As a creative artist, do you believe that you perceive the world differently from other people? Do you think that any "unusual" thought processes are involved when you’re work?

It is interesting to witness the thought process taking place as you're flowing through a project. Because my approach is typically subconscious based, I tend to just zone out. Its as if every color and movement, every decision being made is influenced by both conscious and subconscious thoughts. This is where art is therapeutic for me. This is how my art sends me messages about where I’m at mentally. When I paint it’s more experimental. I found a chalkboard eraser the other day a thought, that would be a great paintbrush! And it was! I've made an alice/white rabbit hybrid out of fabric and little knick-knacks because i just thought that was a good idea. I gave it to a friend of mine who is also very creative and she plans on using it as a patch on her jean jacket! I thought that was such a good idea, I never would have thought of but it seems like everything leading up to that moment was meant to be. I guess that's where my thought process is “unusual” finding the connection between things and understanding how everything in connecting somewhere at all times. Everything is as it should be.

Jan. 2019 Featured DJ/Producer:


Has recently put out his 3rd EP on Mallabel Music, Demonology. All of the sounds made, were built by running actual demon summoning sigils through serum.

I guess I wanted a definitive purpose too. See, everything in nature seems to have a purpose, such a clear role in the circle of life, contributing to the cycle that makes the world go round and allows humanity to thrive. Yet, humans have a less definite purpose. We have to be aware of our actions, make choices that will add to the cause and effect of everyday life. It can be overwhelming. I think art has been my purpose when all else seemed so far away. It’s been a guide, a way of communicating.

I’ve always been interested in art that is cute and creepy. Details are important to me. I enjoy looking at a piece for as long as possible, finding new details, hidden scenarios, it can be so thrilling. I was very influenced by Mark Ryden, Tara mcPherson and Alex Pardee. If you were to look at their work, you may be able to see an odd similarity, yet they are all strikingly different. They have all contributed to my style of art. Inspiration is so important in the art world. It's how we feed each other and feed ourselves. I get inspired which propels me to create, which inspires someone else, so on and so forth. In this way, we are all connected, I absolutely love it!  

Contact Info:


Instagram: abughuul

What is the most challenging part about being an artist?

For me, I am challenged by the overwhelmingly endless void of possibilities. Sometimes looking at a blank canvas I’m danted by the idea that I can create absolutely anything. It’s like the best part and the worst part about being an artist and I guess that relates to being alive too. Like, I can do absolutely anything with my life, what will I choose? This had me stumped for a few years, kept me from moving forward. Then one day I realised that all you have to do is start somewhere, and then the magic begins and things just have a way of unfolding. No matter what you do, it’s the right move. You never know where a mistake will lead you, it’s so exciting!

How does creating art make you feel?

Creating art brings me a special kind of satisfaction. It can be frustrating, but I think that just adds to the satisfaction. I feel closer to myself and the world around me. The colors I create feel like friends, unveiling themselves to me. I’ll accidently mix a few colors and be like “Oh hi there little guy, aren't you a sweet surprise!” When I listen to music while painting, I’ll find myself dancing with the paintbrush, moving to the beat. Sometimes I enjoy the process more than the end result.

Do you think that creativity involves putting your heart and soul into your work? Or is it more like letting your mind flow freely to witness the surprising results of your actions?

I would say it’s both. Process has a way of relating to where I am in life. Right now, I don’t feel I have a specific purpose with my creations. The message i'm trying to send is very subconscious but it’s definitely there. I approach each session a little differently. I typically don’t have an end result in mind, I just start somewhere and go on a journey. Every time I look back at things I've created, I see the message I was trying to send to myself. And I'm happy I allowed that to flow because I think my subconscious mind got the message before I was able to consciously, if that makes sense. 

Do you create art for yourself or to share with others?

Well I have a tendency to put all my energy into other people and feel a bit abandoned by myself, so art has always been my “me time” thing. It’s also my comfort zone at parties when I don’t have much gusto for speaking. It’s always cool when others can take something from my art and find a connection. In terms of making art as gifts for others, I really want to do more of that. It’s important as a human to feel connection with others and sometimes it’s really fucking hard to communicate properly. We can find ourselves truly lonely and I feel art can bridge that gap when words fail. I enjoy making others feel special and if I can do that through art, all the better. It’s been important for me to make art for myself though, since it’s been the only place i've really put myself first for a long time. 

How did you choose your style of artwork? What inspires you? Do you feel that you chose your "passion," or did it chose you?

I like to believe that passion chose me. I noticed I used to get worked up, thinking I had found my thing when I see others passion. Like if I watched a video about someone's obsession with mountains. Their passion is so apparent and its intoxicating, making me feel i too love mountains! I am intrigued by mountains, but i'm not passionate about them. I realised I was feeling a desire for that person's passion, not to obsess over mountains. So, I believe passion chooses you, or is unique to you because we can all have passion but you can’t force it where it doesn't fit. I chose my style of art...I suppose through observing and connecting with other artists creations? I struggle to move away from darkness. I like things that are a bit creepy, aliens and tired eyes, creepy teeth, holes in faces. I am inspired by life's mysteries. The beauty of nature, the beauty of the ability to ask questions and how they never seem to end. The relationship between emotion and perception, reality and perception. We are so powerful, when you understand just how connected we all are, it is incredible. And communication is such a powerful tool since it’s how we convey and connect. Art is powerful for that reason, and it seems like it's necessary to our existence. It's kind of insane when you stop and wonder what art really is. I've been developing my answer to this question for years now. I'll let you know when I have one.

If you knew that, you had only one last opportunity to express yourself creatively, what message would you want to convey to others?

I love this question because it’s really tough to answer! I guess I would really want people to understand the beauty of life. Sometimes when I think about human anatomy, our ears our eyes, our entire bodies are designed to efficiently aid in our interaction with the outside world. When you think about the intricacies, just looking at your hands it's so clear that you are meant to be here. Feeling lost is all a part of the journey, so just hold on tight, because things are coming together in ways you can’t always see. Be patient, you are exactly where you need to be, there are lessons all around waiting to teach you new things!



He recently started a brand new project with Kyle Goldstein called 6IXFEETUNDXR where they fused weird bass music with hip-hop.

"He's an incredible lyricist and I'm stoked to be working with him.
Some tracks of ours will be coming out on Surrealist Records in the near future."

" I'm really excited to share the new because I'll finally have a place where ALL my music will be presented exactly how I want. I miss when buying a CD came with more visual accompaniment and Spotify/Soundcloud/etc don't allow for presentation of videos and additional media alongside the music. Most people don't know because I haven't had a chance to share it well, but every Wubson EP is a story that takes place inside a common universe. I hope one day will be a place where people can fully dive into the universe I'm trying to create."

  "I quit playing other peoples music because I got tired of all the drama and competition that came with it. Tired of headliners saying I bang too hard and tired of openers saying I shouldn't get good slots because I'm not a producer.. So now, everything I play in my sets is my own track or at least an edit/remix/mashup that I made. Best part about it is that my sets feel like a reflection of my internal self now and whenever someone comes to a Wubson set, they are BOUND to hear something that they haven't heard before."

CATCH HIS 2 HOUR SET ON JAN. 26TH 2019 ON OUR FB pAge @project sine, project sine on, and right here on our media page.

    Joey had his first set of turntables at the age of 16 and soon started hitting the "music scene", attending many concerts, festivals and fell in love for the Music World.  From there, Joey started DJing at local bars, clubs, festivals and events throughout the CA area as well as traveling to Las Vegas and Iowa and Rhode Island.  This passion led to Joey starting his record label Syn Records in 2013 helping other artist like him get their music out to the world. 
Joey currently resides in Scituate MA. with his fiance and 2 children.  As a busy father Joey still finds the time to work on his music as well as his passions for Painting and Photography.

Featured Artist:

Joel Thomas Loeb

Joel Thomas Loeb aka JO3YDGTL, 35yr old born and raised in Manhattan Beach, CA.  Joel aka "Joey" has always had an eye for arts.  As a young kid, you could normally find Joey skateboarding the strand in Manhattan Beach and playing in the sand.  Joey is the youngest of 6 kids.  After high school, Joey took some courses in General Art, Photography, Graphic Design, Music Production and recording, Live Stage Sound Design and many others.  

Pat’s production style is uniquely his own ranging from upbeat tech house to deep melancholic techno and house. His discography includes releases with Slumber (Amber Cox & Oona Dahl), Martin Eyer, and Derek Marin.

OCTOBER 2018 :

PAT FONTES' love affair with music began at the tender age of 11 during the early 90s- collecting mix tapes he’d purchased at the local Portuguese market. As a teen he quickly progressed to buying records en mass of garage and house vinyl. By 16 Pat started DJing throughout Boston, and by the early 2000s was managing and later became owner of Satellite Records.

 During this time Pat was also a resident DJ and manager of the long standing often heralded, Midweek Techno in Cambridge with buddies Soul Clap. As a 22-year industry veteran and local hero Pat Fontes has shared the stage with the likes of Martin Buttrich, Paco Osuna, Timo Maas, Cassy, Pan Pot, The Orb, and Patrice Bamel.

 In 2017, after being diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) Pat began focusing all of his energies towards his love of music and sharing that passion with others. “My emotions run much deeper than I could imagine and I’ve been learning how to leverage this creatively. I haven’t stopped doing what I love for 21 years- and will continue ‘til I physically can’t, and have since left my mark on this world of music and beyond.” Fontes is excited to share his upcoming release on Re.tune and Future is Now Recordings with the world, as well as some gems from techno’s past, present, and future.

September 2018




My name is Stacia, I created Insidious Owl Creations in September 2017 after the loss of a close friend of mine. I had decided I was no longer going to waste anymore time in my life not pursuing what truly makes me happy.  I am from a small town outside of Worcester MA. I love all things Halloween, horror, tattoos, macabre, The Simpsons and playing Super Mario! I am also obsessed with owls... Hence the name Insidious Owl Creations. 

I have always been creative even as a young child. I would practice drawing whatever I was looking at, and became pretty good at it. In school art was favorite class and I did very well in it. Art class was the only class I felt like myself in. I won a couple of art shows, but after high school I kind of put my love for creating art on the back burner. 

Years would come and go, and yeah sure, I would pick up my pencil and sketch book here or there but never really finished any pieces or took any of it too seriously. It was basically just a hobby. I went down a pretty rocky road for a long time and always felt the guilt of not using my talent. I think I needed a push, a drastic change. Unfortunately that came due to the loss of my friend and the thought of my own mortality. 

I loved messing around with clay, so I decided to try giving polymer clay a shot and then I was hooked! I love sculpting with polymer clay now. Everything I know about sculpting I taught myself and researched online. I enjoy sculpting anything that has to do with dark art or fantasy. 

There has definitely been a few times where I have wanted to just give up because I was not being recognized for my talents but my boyfriend of 7yrs stayed by my side pushing me to never give up! Since I've started I have sold a few pieces on my Instagram and that gave me the confidence boost I needed.

    I do not post any of my work on etsy thou. Serious inquires I require a personal message on either Facebook or Instagram. I also have a paypal to accept payments. On Sept 23rd I will be attending My craft Show at The Budweiser Brewery in Merrimack, NH 221 Daniel Webster HWY


When did you first know you would be an artist?

I never really knew that I would be an artist or considered myself one. I just really loved art. I dreamt of becoming one.

When did you first start sculpting?

I started with play dough when I was really young and thought by putting it in the microwave it would harden and last forever... Sadly my 6yr old self was mistaken because it crumbled immediately lol. High school I briefly learned about it but didn't really seriously try it, up until a few years ago.

What is your studio like?

My whole apartment! Lol Ugh, I have art supplies every where! I don't have my own designated space to keep everything at. I have a desk in my kitchen with a lot of those rubbermaid storage shelves. That are all full! So I have stuff all over the place. My desk is usually a bit messy, but I know where everything is. If that makes sense... Once my work space has become too small to even work on, I will clean and organize it for it to happen all over again... It's a viscous cycle lol

How would you describe your style of work? Would you characterize it as specific genre?

I am not sure if I have a specific style of work.... I see something I really like and I try to recreate it and put my spin on it.I am definitely into Halloween, horror, but I also like cute/ugly little creatures. So I guess I would have to say macabre or creepy fantasy? I'm not sure if that's a thing...

What do you aspire to as a sculptor?

I would love to create Halloween decorations or props for movies, monster masks. I always wanted to do special FX. If I could work for a company that does that, it would be amazing!

You see your pieces from start to finish. Can you walk us through your artistic process, psychologically and physically?

I am usually working on a bunch of different things at once. So I don't really see 1 piece from start to finish at one time. I'm not too fond of painting my pieces. I feel like I need to improve on that aspect, so I wait until I have a bunch of stuff that needs to be painted and then I will do them all at once. Inspiration doesn't come easily for me. I will sit at my desk for hours trying to think of things to make. I usually get pretty down on myself that I cant think of anything lol. I will force myself to sit at my desk until I come up with something. Once I have an idea on what I want to sculpt I will usually find a few reference photos on what it is, then I will sit for a moment and sketch out some basic ideas on how I would like it to look like. It often doesnt just come to me; I could be stuck on a piece for a few days before I will start trying to sculpt it. When I am on a roll, sculpting is all I want to do. I will keep going all night until I feel my piece looks right. Then I'm stuck at work all day thinking about going home to finish it!

How do you get ideas for each piece of art?

I usually go on Instagram. I follow a lot of really talent artists and I like looking at their pictures to get me into the mood of creating.

What themes would you say your work deals with? In other words, what does your art aim to say to your audience?

It doesn't have to be Halloween to embrace the dark side.

Can you pass on any advice for aspiring artists, or words or encouragement?

It's never to late to pursue your dreams! Not everyone is going to get your art and that's okay! Don't give up! You have to work for it, it's not going to be handed to you. Anything worth while is not going to be easy. Don't be afraid of constructive criticism. Lastly the more you create the easier it will be to keep your inspiration going. I struggled with all of these things and I thought nobody really enjoyed or appreciated my sculptures. Yet here I am doing a feature on this kickass website because Andy Coache believed in my talents! You never know what tomorrow is going to bring!



Daniel Sevelt Sound - Soundcloud:

Jonathan Santarelli - Facebook:

Jonathan Santarelli - Soundcloud:

Daniel Sevelt

For the last 15 years Daniel Sevelt had been behind the decks and behind the scenes, creating, designing, spinning or operating for events, house parties, outlaws, festivals, raves and intimate gatherings. The emotional nature of his performances and dramatic style has brought the energy and drama in the music to the dance floor since 2000. See you on the floor!

Daniel & Jonathan Social Media Links

Daniel Sevelt - Facebook: DanielSeveltMusicAndMotion/

Jonathan Santarelli Short Bio:

Jonathan has been playing the dance floors for 15yrs and has played alongside the likes from DJ Dan, Antoine Clamaran, Stephan Grondin, DJ Escape, Nicolas Matar amd more. His mixes and original productions are soulful, compelling and gets the crowd moving. Move to the beat of the drum.

july 2018

featured dj/producer:

                                                              KID OPTIMUS                        

With his unique production of hard hitting, dirty bass riffs and complex melodic synths, along with his talented seamless blending skills on the turntables, Kid Optimus is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the realm of electronic dance music. Hailing from central MA, Kid Optimus has brought a consistent hard dance vibe to every set he plays. Performing across the USA and opening for such names as DJ BAM BAM & Dig Dug, he has made a strong name for himself arranging an inspired combination of self produced tracks and remixes. He first struck the airwaves in November of 2008 on the BUZZ Radio show with Randy Boyer on KISS 95.7 in Hartford CT , along with multiple guest appearances on collage radio shows all over MA. 

He has released many original tracks & remixes through various labels which you can purchase on Beatport and almost all other online music stores. Kid Optimus is a signed artist to EHTraxx, Coldwave Records & B-Side EHTraxx (EH-Media`) with multiple releases on Digital Empire Records, Export Elite, Ear Time Records & Night Life Records, Forte Records, Dirty Korner Recordings & Bassboom Recordings.

       In 2017 he co-founded PROJECT S!NE. A full studio production for combining electronic music and art. Gaining serious attention with their "S!NEWAVE SATURDAYS" show Live on FaceBook every saturday featuring and promoting local talent in the scene and their new YouTube channel which you can watch him create some beautiful artwork with canvas and spray paint. With major production working on shows and videos and well over 30 releases in the past few years, Kid Optimus is well into making his mark in the world of art and music with his amazing spray paintings and some heavy electro house bangers!!! 


JUNE 2018

FEATURED DJ/PRODUCER                                 
                     Knowlton Walsh
                                                                                    Volume Productions/Sex Cult Records/
                                                                                                          System Recordings/ Peak Hour Music/ 
                                                                                                  Columns of Knowledge recordings/ NOSI Music.

Knowlton Walsh has been a mainstay in the New England Electronic Music scene for the past 15 years. He’s held residencies in New York, Boston, and his home town of Providence while returning to Florida to play gigs where he got his start in the early 2000’s.

Since 2006 he has been putting out house and techno on a number of record labels with new releases coming out on Causatum records. He’s been supported internationally with his music played by artists such as Tommie Sunshine, Junior Sanchez, Etienne de Crecy, David Guetta and many more.

Featured Visual Artist:

Absoloot Sara

    Born and raised on the New Hampshire seacoast, Sara began informally drawing and painting when she was a very young girl, gaining inspiration from her mother who first taught her how to draw horses. Having grown up in the very quiet, rural town of Barrington, she found herself always drawing scenes from nature. It wasn't until college when Sara discovered abstract art, and thus developed her own style mixing surrealism and abstraction. After graduating in 2007 as one of the top artists in her class from the University of Massachusetts, Sara has since been creating decorations for local New England dance music events, as well as doing private commissions and art lessons.

What is the most challenging part about being an artist?

    The most challenging part, to me, is networking and getting my work out there for sale. It’s not easy to put a price tag on my work. I often times give work away as gifts. As a starving artist, it’s not the wisest thing to do, but it’s difficult to explain just how rewarding it is to see a person light up or even cry when they receive something I created. That, to me, will never have a price tag.
How does creating art make you feel?

    Free. I know it sounds cliché, but I allow myself full rein, as I mentioned before that I typically don’t sketch or plan before diving into my work. It’s really fun to see a finished painting, knowing where it started and not knowing where it was going to end up. It’s often a surprise for me actually!

Do you think that creativity involves putting your heart and soul into your work? Or is it more like letting your mind flow freely to witness the surprising results of your actions?

    I’d say equally both! When your mind is flowing freely, your heart and soul are free too. I’ve found it incredible to look back at some of my older works, knowing what was happening in my life, and see the entire story right before my eyes, yet, at the time I was doing the creating, I didn’t know what I was actually saying.

fairly strict upbringing of not watching much television. I started drawing before I can really recall, and I know it’s because I used to watch my mother draw. Sometimes she’d just doodle while she was on the phone, and I’d watch with amazement, hoping one day I’d be as good.

Do you create art for yourself or to share with others?

    I do both! I love doing commissions for people, and I really enjoy the challenge of creating exactly what someone might be imagining in their head. It’s so rewarding! On the flip side though,

it’s just as rewarding to sit down and create art for just myself. It can be so private, much like writing in a journal. When I create art for myself (and only myself), the work becomes very personal; I almost become protective of it, even! That kind of art is the kind of art that I could never sell, regardless of the offer. Prints are okay though, just never the originals.

    I absolutely do, and the reason I say that is because of what I was taught in art school. It’s amazing what our brains allow us to see. Our eyes filter so much “unnecessary” information, but when you go to art school, the right professors will open your eyes for    you. You’ll see details you never thought you’d think about. I, especially, know that I look at people very differently, having done a lot of portraiture. I can look at an infant and have a solid idea of how they may look as an adult, just as I can look at an adult and imagine what they might have looked like as a child. No doubt, as an artist, you observe a lot more than the average person, and you consider your observations thoughtfully, rather than mindlessly.

If you knew that, you had only one last opportunity to express yourself creatively, what message would you want to convey to others?

    I would only ever want to share a message of hope if I had one last opportunity to express myself creatively. Art, as a universal language, has the power to truly bring people together and end wars. It has the power to make for clear communication when there can otherwise be violent confusion. Even children can understand a picture better than they can understand words. With that kind of power at hand, I think it’s an artist’s responsibility to not create wars with their art, but to instead, try to bring peace with it.



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The Interview:

When it comes to Art, there are a lot of different styles and techniques, how do you differentiate yours from the rest? In other words, what do you feel makes your work unique and truly your own?

    When it comes to my style, I like to work very freely. I am not one to plan or sketch out an idea before working, so allows me complete freedom to let random ideas manifest as they come to me. Often times, mixing abstracted organic shapes together, I can start to see something emerge, and from there, I can give it details and make it come alive. Typically, my style takes on a combination of highly detailed surrealism and a type of organic, liquid form of cubism.

They say we consciously use something like 2% of our brains, so I feel like opening up and letting your mind truly flow, without allowing conscious thoughts to interrupt, brings out true inner genius. Learning how to let your mind “go” is the real challenge.

Do you believe that it is important to be accepted by others as being creative or is just doing what you love to do enough to justify your work? 

    It’s always nice to feel like your work is good and that people like it, therefore accepting you as “a real artist,” but I also believe that part of letting your mind go (as mentioned above) means not thinking about what others think. I’m a big fan of critique, as I enjoy hearing thoughtful, even negative feedback about my work, but I never allow myself to overthink it. Sometimes I take advice and suggestions, and sometimes I don’t, but either way, I like knowing what people think of my work. An artist can drive very easily. In the end, you, the artist, have to be satisfied with your work. very easily. In the end, you, the artist, have to be satisfied with your work.

How did you choose your style of artwork? What inspires you? Do you feel that you chose your "passion," or did it choose you?

    Growing up in a fairly rural area of NH, I was naturally an outdoorsy kind of kid, and I loved (and still do) drawing animals and nature scenes. My brother and I both used to draw a lot together, even having little drawing competitions, as we had a

What is the coolest art tip you’ve ever received?

    I’d say the coolest tip I ever received was when I was a junior in college, and one of my art professors was trying to help me “find my style.” He taught me how to see my art for the first time in a very different way, and, while I felt like I previously didn’t have any real underlying style, he showed me some important trends in all of my works that really allowed me to then develop and refine my style. It was that semester that I can say that I truly started appreciating and experimenting with abstract art.

As a creative artist, do you believe that you perceive the world differently from other people? Do you think that any "unusual" thought processes are involved when you’re work?

To learn more about Sara or to contact her about her artwork here are links to let you connect:

Chaos D's love for Hardcore took form upon listening to the
well known Happy 2B Hardcore series mixed by Anabolic
Frolic and the popular Bonkers series brought together by
DJ's/Producers Hixxy and Sharkey. In 2005, he learned of
the rave scene and has been partying ever since.
Chaos D acquired his first set of decks in 2007 and his
determination set in to deliver a vibe only he could present.
Assimilating as many skills and tricks as possible from
other talented DJ's around the east coast and even a few
friends from over seas, everything fell into place.
This rapidly growing DJ should not go overlooked or underestimated

As he has burned up the dance floor for events
such as the massive Candyball, Tight Crew's Space Jam 2,
Mario Party & Nightmare Before Christmas, Mutiny's Back
From the Dead to School 2, and Hard Hits on numerous
occasions. There is no slow down in sight as this signed DJ
of Trackmaster Music & Monster of Morlock Musik
unleashes his uplifting CHAOS!!!


I grew up on the north shore of Boston and got into graffiti as a teenager. However, I didn’t start taking it seriously until I was in my young twenties. Boston has a rich history of graffiti art which had a big influence on me. I was really into the letter styling and the act getting your name up everywhere. I went through a few names until I came up with the name Kenzo and that kind of stuck.

I’ve painted my share of illegal work in the past but as you grow older, you tend to shy away from that as it becomes not worth the risk anymore. Plus there are many legal walls and other options to explore as well. These days I just enjoy painting whether for myself or commissioned work. Either way, I just love using spray paint and covering large areas.

    What is the most challenging part about being a street artist?

    I guess everything I have to go through sometimes just to get my name up. Plenty of times I’ve painted with limited time and a can won’t function properly, or I didn’t bring enough paint. From there, sometimes you have to learn to adapt and adjust from your original idea.

How does creating art make you feel?

    I love just being able to paint, and once I’m finished, taking a step back and looking at something I created that wasn’t there a few hours earlier.

    Do you believe that it is important to be accepted by others as being creative or is just doing what you love to do enough to justify your work?

    It’s important to be accepted by the right people. Do what you love regardless, but as an artist, you’ll always have people criticize you. Find the people that admire your work, stick with them and forget the rest.

    How did you choose your style of artwork? What inspires you? Do you feel that you chose your "passion" or did it chose you?

    As a creative street artist, do you believe that you perceive the world differently from other people? Do you think that any "unusual" thought processes are involved when you’re spray painting?

    I think I do. I think it takes a special person to want to spend hours painting away in places that most of the public never sees or acknowledges. Naturally a graffiti artist is a risk taker, going against society’s norms and laws. With that comes a different perspective on many things.

    If you knew that, you had only one last opportunity to express yourself creatively, what message would you want to convey to others?

Think outside the box, and then think outside the box’s box.




    Mizeyesis is a dj & producer from the Northeastern United States. In 2018, She's released on Elm Imprint's Halflife85 and ThazDope Records, Doyenne which is a compiliation highlighting female producers. 2017, she released “Seven Systems” a long anticipated 7 track EP on US label, Faction Digital Recordings;  “Salvation” on Junglist Resistance, a 31 track international jungle compilation to raise money for charties against violence, hatred and discrimination, and “Soundbwoy Haze” on Ruff N Rugged Vol 1 on Yeska Beatz Unlimited. And in 2016 AwakeFM & Mizeyesis released “Convergence EP” (OMNIEP106) off the highly respected Omni Music UK. She also released 2 tracks on the "Sea Jah EP" (HEX002) by Skru ft Mizeyesis on the label Hexagon Digital UK. She has scheduled projects to come and will be continuing collaborations with AwakeFM & Skru as well as many more.

    Her whole life she was engulfed in expression from being a former professional dancer who studied with Alvin Ailey, to visual art, to learning & studying music at an early age, she plays a number of styles & genres of electronic dance music such as her Drum & Bass, Jungle, House, Techno, Garage, Bass Music, Rare groove, Dub Reggae and more. She has been djing since 2004, performed at many festivals (Beltek, Hydrotechnics, Revolt, Evolvefest, Wickerman Burn, The Winter Music Conference and many more) and prestigious nights not only in the US but around the world such as Respect (LA), Rupture (London), Elements (Boston), Konkrete Jungle (NYC), New England Junglists United (MA), DieHard on Decks (MA), Direct Drive (NYC), Natural Selection (NYC), Two:Tone (Dallas), MPLS (Minneapolis), MIA Kansas City (Missouri) and many other prestigious jungle/dnb nights. In 2017 she was a guest on the highly popular Bellyman Show on Origin UK and did a special b2b set with the talented Mrs. Magoo and did an extensive tour in Southern California working with the likes of RAW aka 6Blocc, SPY, Reidspeed, BC Rydah, and many more respected djs and artists.

The Interview:

    When it comes to Art, there are a lot of different styles and techniques, how do you differentiate yours from the rest? In other words, what do you feel makes your work unique and truly your own?

    I try not to follow trends and rather stick to what I like. In the graffiti world, you see a lot people using the same letter styles because it’s trendy and hip at the moment. The problem is it doesn’t stick out. I like that classic east coast flavor you don’t see much anymore, and that’s what I stick to.

    Do you think that creativity involves putting your heart and soul into your work? Or is it more like letting your mind flow freely to witness the surprising results of your actions?

I’d say both really. Executing a well thought out production always comes out nice, but I also like to freestyle too and just see where I end up.

My style was influenced from a lot of early Boston and New York graffiti writers. I grew up on the North
Shore of Boston during the 90’s and as a kid I was inspired by the graffiti of that time. I haven’t been
able to give it up since, and I’ve tried, so in a way it was a choice that keeps pulling me back.

Do you create art for yourself or to share with others?

    I do both. I’m a graffiti artist first and foremost, which is mainly for my own personal fulfillment, but I also create things for other people as well such as canvases and murals.

What is the coolest art tip you’ve ever received?

    When you first start drawing/painting, you will have about 100 bad drawings inside of you that need to come out before you can create a respectable piece of artwork. Learn from your early mistakes and how to improve from there.

    Mizeyesis is co-Founder of HEADY a night in CT geared towards the collaboration of (music, art and grassroots community efforts), hosts a top notch bi-weekly show "The Aural Report" on that’s been running for 6 years, US Manager for DNB Girls, a 17 member all female collective of artists, DJ, and MC's; 1/3 of the group, The Amen Ra Trifecta aka The Art a trio of MC Elijah Divine, Meszenjah and herself; and is also apart of MIA DNB, Awake Productions CT, Resident DJ at AMEN in New Haven, CT. She’s also a content manager for DNB/Jungle at Satellite EDM as well as regularly works with other prestigious groups and organizations dedicated to spreading the love & awareness of Electronic Dance Music in the Northeastern United States.

    Mizeyesis has performed/toured/opened for any high profile artist & performers such as LTJ Bukem, Aphrodite, A-Sides, Remarc, SPY, Jumping Jack Frost, John B, Total Science, Breakage, Digital, Loxy, Double O, SB81 (Nolige), MSDOS, RAW aka 6Blocc, Liondub, Tony Touch, Reid Speed, Empress, Planet of the Drums (AK1200, Dara, Dieselboy & Messinian), Freaky Flow, Zed's Dead, Doctor P, Flux Pavillion, Roots of Creation, I Anbassa, The Big Takeover, Biodiesel, Arclite and many more! She has been a featured guest on a number of FM and internet radio shows and has also been featured in a number of online blogs for her work as a dj as well. She also works with local community organizations and regularly performs at charity and community awareness events if not participating on other levels herself. Mizeyesis also can be seen as a featured writer for a number of different blogs ranging from topics of spiritual awareness to a number of informative ideas for djs. One thing is for sure, you will be entertained and enlightened as this supreme selector has a curious knack for lifting spirits with a selection of music from the past, present and, future.

Aprils Featured Artist: 

Doll Feathers


    When it comes to Art, there are a lot of different styles and techniques, how do you differentiate yours from the rest? In other words, what do you feel makes your work unique and truly your own?


    Firstly, I'm not a classically trained artist.  I was the lead singer/songwriter and guitarist for my band from 2002-2010 and I know music. I know what chord or note is proper and what isn't. And I feel like, in art, my lack of technical knowledge has become my strength. That has a tendency to sound ignorant....but I've experienced it. I never know what I'm doing when I make my best work....

What is the most challenging part about being a newer artist?


    Jealousy. There are a lot of people that have been doing what I do for twenty years or more that are better than me and far more deserving of the amount of praise I get. If I were them I'd be mad too. I'm part of the street art world in addition to my regular art career and one of the best compliments I ever got was actually an O.G. that is well known throwing shade. He said something to the effect of...."doll Feathers' fame is just because of his name, not his skill" which was actually a huge, yet back-handed compliment if you know anything about the street art world because the bottom line is the strength of your name.....

Do you believe that it is important to be accepted by others as being creative or is just doing what you love to do enough to justify your work?


    Again I'd say both, you know? Not to be repetitive but I do this for me? One hundred percent. That is "enough" to answer that question directly. But if I'm not connecting with others in some way through my art, it's not as magical. 

How did you choose your style of artwork? What inspires you? Do you feel that you chose your "passion," or did it chose you?

    I came up in the shadows on the graffiti scene in new England. But I never intended to be a Graff artist or even an artist at all. After my music career fizzled...I was lost. I tried being a rapper and I had all these friends that were DJs. I made myself necklaces (or "chains") made of cassette tapes with a 7"vinyl record in the middle. I remember being kind of in transition at some after-party with my good friend DJ Midas when some girl wrote "DJ doll hairs" (my original name before it changed to Feathers) and I was like do I tell this girl I'm not a DJ? He was like "be somebody."

Do you create art for yourself or to share with others?

     Both man. Like I can't stress enough, if you live your life only doing things for yourself, you are not truly living.....

What is the coolest art tip you’ve ever received?

 "The next one's always the best one." From my great friend and colleague Steve Paquin....

Bio: Doll Feathers started under the monicker "Doll Hairs" and was originally intending to be a rapper.  In 2011 the rap career fizzled and became a quickly forgotten pipe dream. Seven years and we'll over a thousand paintings later, he has become an underground legend in new England, especially from Boston to Maine. Being a crowd favorite at the semi-monthly Portland edm event "Drift After-hours And Art" propelled his responsibility towards continuing the push the envelope to the next level. Parallel to his traditional art offerings, he is also an active member of the street art world. Splitting his focus between legal street art-related work and illegal graffiti has proved to be a challenge, but a challenge is always welcome.  Claiming to be sent from the future year 2027 to save the world from impending doom, Doll Feathers is an unlikely hero of abstract proportions. Follow him on Instagram under the handle: doll heirz

How does creating art make you feel?


    Like I'm peaking on the perfect drug. It's the feeling I chase like a junkie for the needle. Total nirvana. I really do this for myself, selfishly, as such. 

Do you think that creativity involves putting your heart and soul into your work? Or is it more like letting your mind flow freely to witness the surprising results of your actions?

     Interesting question. Best I can say is.... Both.  I love the unattached approach to the visual arts because although I put my heart and soul into this, it's bigger than me.....



If you're familiar with the New Enland Music scene, then Andee McMahon (TAILZ) is undoubtedly a name you've heard before.  Whether its from his heavy-hitting metal band Awaken the Tide or more recently, his ear catching, hip-hop influenced bass music dropping at night clubs across the northeast for promotions like Tight Crew, Volume, Next Hype, and Morlock Musik to name a few. 
    Despite having many friends in music community, TAILZ decided it was time to expand his creative reaches and close out the remaining months of 2017 by parting ways with his previous crew and start work on a metal/EDM fusion band dubbed SINVERTER.  Though still in its early creative stages, SINVERTER (Kristina Bianco, Nick Gallagher, Andee McMahon) have already relased their first song, a cover/remix/tribute Mau5trap's REZZ and her collaboration with 13, "DRUGS!" and shared the stage with the likes of +DOPE+ and TWIZTID. 
    Even though publicly, the focus of his creative drive has been with his new band, this has created a unique opportunity to quietly sprint towards the completion of 2 new EP's.  The first, a collaboration EP with TRIPLESICKZ (Kristina Bianco) the name and release date still TBD. And the second, a follow up solo EP to "From the Wild Side" featuring unique downtempo dubstep, "sticky" drum and bass, and a familiar helping of the gangster-influenced house style that TAILZ has been known for.  Set to release at the start of summer this year, TAILZ' "Skunk Workz" promises to everything you'd expect from New England's wildest head-banging producer! 

Here's a sneak peak at a new song off of the forthcoming Skunk Workz called "Destroyer Droid"!

IG: @taiz_up
TWITTER: @tailz_up

                              THE INTERVIEW:

So welcome to your featured spot Mr. Tailz. We want to know what it is that got you into underground electronic music?

    For me, it was a combination of two things: the first was a good friend of mine, Mallek Saleh (beardthug). We were roommates for several years and he was the first to truly introduce me to real electronic music. We attended several festivals together, and inevitably started making music together when the it started to hit home that this was something I wanted to do. But what really kicked it off for me was the Glitch Mob. Seeing them live on a Tuesday night at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel with my best friend was game changing for me. I started to see the true vision for artists like that, on that level of production, and I wanted to someday create that overwhelmingly incredible experience for someone else. Since then I haven't looked back.

So we have you in this month for a Dj but I also know you are in a band. Can you elaborate a little bit on your involvement with that and what you play.
    The band I play for is called SINVERTER. It features myself, Kristina Bianco ( TRIPLESICKZ) on guitar and Nick Gallagher on drums. We play electronic music with with a live band/metal influence. For our first release we did a cover remix of REZZ's song "DRUGS!" that featured heavy guitar chugs and our own take on her spacey bass sound

 With being a Dj and being in a band, when you do have free time what do you like to do, aside from music?

    playing and writing music does take up a substantial amount of my time, but I very fortunate to be able to work a day job that is also one of my hobbies. On my day to day I am a lighting designer for Fete Music Hall in Providence as well as an independent production consultant. So the things I do and learn at my job I can take and incorporate into my live performances. Whether that be as a DJ or a band.
 Who are some influences in your music? Either Dj wise or band wise.

    anything that makes me move has the potential to influence me really. Like if a song strikes the particular nerve internally that makes me want to tap my foot or rock my head, there's almost certainly something there I want to feed on and make my own. Some people I think I take a lot of influence from are artists like Flume, RL Grime, Corporate, Dr. Fresch, Tha Trickaz, Eptic, ill Gates, and Culture Shock. As far as bands go I'm I a big fan of Impending Doom, Meshuggah, In Flames, Protest the Hero, Ghost, Volbeat, August Burns Red, and Parkway Drive to name a few.

Not sure what you play on, but what is your take on the old-school turn tables, compared to the technology that is available nowadays?

 I think if you can move a dance floor, it doesn't matter if you're playing off a cell phone. It doesn't matter. The job of a DJ is to entertain using music, so if you can accomplish that then no one should be able to criticize your method of delivery. You should play to your strengths, for instance of you're junk at cutting vinyl then you shouldn't be playing out that way. Practice until you've got some table manners you know? I'm no turntablist by any means, but I respect hell out of people who are, it's such an acquired skill that takes years of practice to hone. And on that same note, you could be the world's greatest scratch artist, but if your song selection sucks, who's gonna care? More or less my point is there's gear out there for any skill level and preference, but a DJs worth isn't determined by the equipment he uses, it's determines by the crowd that dances (or doesnt) for him/her.

One of my favorite questions is how did you aquire your Dj name?

easy, my hair! If you're catching one of my sets you'll never see me not into it and whipping my hair around. It's almost difficult to control while I'm spinning haha

Anywhere in the known universe, if you could spin a dream set, where would this take place?

 mainstage at Electric Forest, hands down. Saw some of the greatest line ups ever assembled there and the energy is always contagious in the best way.

We would like to thank Tailz for taking the time to answer some questions about himself. You can catch him throwing down a 2 hour set on March 31st right here on the media page of the site



Revival, Nocturnal Vybz, T.H.C.C.

DJ Phalynx aka. Da Cylon has been part of the active culture since the early 90s during the BBC era. .At the age of 14 he was already well on his way towards a career in the music industry. Being accepted into The Berkley School of Music at the age of 16, it became clear a future in music was inevitable. Spinning records since 1993/1994 he became quite skilled with time.
He has been fortunate enough to play at some of the best venues throughout New England. 
He has held residencies at Wolfies,Three Amigos, The Wok and Club Euphoria as well as running a weekly event during his time there..
He has also had the opportunity to play at the old and new Therapy RI, Club Rain, The Gaelic, Sphere, The Muni, Boom, Bolero Nightclub, and The Bungalow. As well as North Carolina, South Carolina, Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont.
Recently he has began pushing his production talents further and quickly becoming a regular staple in the present event circuit in the New England area.
While continually throughout the beginning of his career spinning for friends, at private parties and then being booked at numerous events  for over 17 years, Phalynx has gotten to a point of comfortablity that 3 or even 4 records playing together at the same time has become a regular occurrence during all of his sets as well as his demos. Ranging from drum n bass, dubstep, fidget,, techno, speed garage,4x4, bassline, bass house, and nu skool breaks.
Spinning with the likes of Frankie Bones, Keoki, Atomic Babies, Josh The Funky One, Venom, JJ Blades, Knowledge, Nocturnal, Melee, Jack McDevitt, J Fuse, Daybreak, MC TNoc, MC Napalm, MC Switch, MC Audio, Emperor Young, Mama C, Dj Shocker, Mr. Matt, Miz-Eyesis, Redshift, Parallax, Jen Mas, Zyon, Daddy Green Jeans, How Hard, Integrity, Insanity, Dirty Ol Frank, Yoshi, Gil-T, Willow, and McGuyver has honed not only his production skills that are truly spot on, but has also made his mixing style into a superior, intricate craft.

February 2018 Featured Artist:

The Interview:

When it comes to Art, there are a lot of different styles and techniques, how do you differentiate yours from the rest? In other words, what do you feel makes your work unique and truly your own?

A lot of artists use references, and I'm no exception, but the point that a reference is pushed aside, or given up all together, that's when a piece takes on a life of its own and the artist is fully creating. Those are the works that stand out, whether it's one of mine, or any other artist.


How has your practice change over time?

I have definitely slowed down, I try not to force myself to 'finish' anything. A drawing that I would do in an afternoon I now spend 2 or 3 days on.


What art do you most identify with?

Fantasy based for sure.

I also like Gothic Victorian architecture.


Do you think that creativity involves putting your heart and soul into your work? Or is it more like letting your mind flow freely to witness the surprising results of your actions?

That's a cool question! I'd have to say that it's more like putting your heart and soul into letting your mind flow freely.

Describe a real-life situation that inspired you?

Being around other artists or art in general. My fiancé and I went to a Michelangelo exhibit at the MFA and the only thing I wanted to do was sketch muscle tone after!

What is the coolest art tip you’ve ever received?

To work in a unfamiliar medium. 

It's humbling, challenging, and it helps to grow what we thought we already knew.

If you knew that, you had only one last opportunity to express yourself creatively, what message would you want to convey to others?

Gratitude. At the end of it all it would have to be gratitude.

January 2018 Featured Music Artist:



In 1997 the deep and varied sounds of the North East electronic music scene intrigued and captivated Omari,  and his love affair with electronic music began..... Omari soon started promoting electronic music dance events at Netwerk One productions, and 2am Artist Management completely submerging himself into the industry and within the local New England/ East Coast (Maine to Florida), and producing some of the most memorable and largest events held from 1998 thru 2005.  Around 2003 Omari discovered a new love for the music and started buying records. Officially playing out since 2005 he has opened for Dj logic twice and was the first live resident DJ on Wxgr. Mixing a blend of Tech, synthy soul, and thunderous rolling bass lines, he creates long mixes and smooth blends/transitions. In 2009 Omari teamed up with KVN aka El Camino in the studio as :The Collective". In 2014 The Collective was scrapped and production was split between  HOUSE/DEEP TEC-HOUSE under the alias "Bumps and Bridges"  and  "AUDIO BIGOT" for the PROGRESSIVE/TECH-HOUSE/TECHNO sound.  With an upcoming release signed to Society music out of Italy and a plethora of releases since 2009 on "Blinded", "Vainglory Recordings","Interelectrical", "Label Works", (GMMS)-"Green Mono Music Studio", "Soak", and "The Seed", "Aerotec", "Toxic" and a few releases on his own label"Tight Groove Recordings" keeping Omari Nkosi  focused and quite  busy in the studio and the banging  airwaves of radio and internet stations, and rocking stages/dance floors  from one end of the East Coast to to the other with his  bass-driven Progressive Techno, Progressive Tech-house, and Techno fire.

Production Aliases:

"Audio Bigot"(Techno/Tech-House)
"Bumps and Bridges"(House/Deep Tech-House)


Mike Mathews


    Mike Matthews has been compelled to make art for as long as he can remember. As a primarily self-taught artist, he honed his skills in painting, drawing, tattooing, making jewelry, bonsai, and aquarium design through hands on practice, YouTube videos and guidance from other artists. 
    He was raised locally in Saugus before moving to New Hampshire where he worked doing landscape design, maintenance, building and house painting. No matter where he was working he always made time for art. His interest in tattooing began early and despite some disappointments due to apprenticeships that fell through, he stayed committed.

    In recent years  he has increased his exposure and has begun making commissioned jewelry, paintings and marketing his bonsai.     He has had his artwork shown at events in Salem, Chelsea and has an upcoming event this spring at a local Cafe in Lynn. (look for more upcoming information on his facebook page.)

    This year Mike has taken his craft to new levels and, after years of hard work and persistence has become a fully licensed tattooist/artist working at and is finally able to build a career out of passion. 
You can find all of his creations on instagram @mikematthewstattoos The Instagram page is consistantly updated with photos of finished pieces and updates on what currently has in the works. Mike truly enjoylos working one on one with people to create original designs. If you are interested in his commissioned work, original artwork, prints, wire jewelry or custom tattoos please contact him directly through facebook at:

Do you believe that it is important to be accepted by others as being creative or is just doing what you love to do enough to justify your work?

It's difficult to tell what will really move someone else, so it's Important to be fulfilled with what you create. Although a humbling critique can push us to the next level,  the process is an inside job. 


How did you choose your style of artwork? What inspires you? Do you feel that you chose your "passion," or did it chose you?

My passion definitely chose me! I'm inspired by dreams, thoughts, a hike in the woods, sometimes it just comes, I'm just along for the ride.


Do you create art for yourself or to share with others?

Both, definitely.

I'm starting a career as a tattoo artist and I love to try to bring someone else's imagination to life, but there is nothing like tattooing an original for someone.


What’s your favorite art work?

To do? Drawing 

To view? Sculpture 

Labels / Affiliations 

Tight Groove Recordings (Co-owner/Remixer/Producer/)
Label Works(Producer)
Intelectrical Music(Producer/Remixer)
Blinded Records(producer/Remixer)
IKON ENT.(Consultant/Artist)
VainGlory Recordings(Producer/Remixer)
Interelectrical Rec(Producer/Remixer)
Soak Recordings(Producer/Remixer)
The Seed(Producer/Remixer)
 Aerotek Recordings(Producer/Remixer)

Toxic Recordings(Producer/Remixer

Society Music(Producer/Remixer)

January 2018 Featured Visual Artist: 

Rachel Ross 

    Hello Rachel and Welcome to PROJECT S!NE! We are pleased to have you as out first featured visual artist for 2018! Let's start by telleng us a bit about yourself.

     So I'm Rachael Ross. I've been practicing art for about 12 years when I started taking watercolor lessons at age 11. I did watercolor for the next 6 years, while only occasionally picking up a pencil to sketch. When I went to NECC, the community college I got my associates in Visual Arts, I took art classes and had a whole new world opened up. I realized that, I did indeed, really not enjoy watercolors as my main medium. I loved charcoal and acrylic (I haven't mixed them in one piece, not yet!). I moved into pencil and pen, and continued with those 4 mediums, basically exclusively. My subject matter is always different and really what hits me in the moment. I love painting rough, value only, portraits, I love laying down the heavy chiaroscuro with charcoal, I love sketching random cartoon recreations, and very recently, I've loved designing some tattoos for friends! 
       I have recently started writing and illustrating a short story, I was working on it before life got crazy with a new job and my first niece! But I'm trying to block out time to get back to that project, I'm crazy excited about it! 
    I have kept up with art practicing these 12 years because it is a tangible outlet for my creative side. I feel fulfilled when pencil/pen/brush hits paper/canvas - whether it is something I share or keep to myself doesn't matter. I've always had it to fall back on when life gets tough, or to enjoy when life is going well! 
    When I was younger, I would play "Which would you rather? Lose your sight? or lose your hearing?" 
    My answer has always been the same and hasn't wavered- "I'd rather lose my hearing. If I lost my hearing I would lose voices and music. If I lost my sight, I'd lose my heart."

What art do you most identify with and why?

That depends on the mood. Probably in general, I identify with the Realism period of art. The clarity, and the weight within the paintings is something I work towards, I'm bad at abstraction and prefer when I recreate for things to appear lifelike and have their own light and weight within the piece.

Describe a real-life situation that inspired you?

Hmmm, it's probably cliche, but all of life inspires me! Situations from when I was in college inspired different pieces, some, that aren't attached here reflected a dark time in life but hide behind a smiling  mask. Others from being completely overwhelmed with society and news stories. More recently, as life is less dark and overwhelming, I've been inspired to do lighter things, like childhood cartoons, creating a whole short story of strength and adventure that mirrors my imagination. 

As an artist, what outlook do you have on life?

As long as color and light exist, there is always hope. So my outlook on life is generally hopeful. 

What's the most memorable response you had to your artwork? 

Someone important to me said they didn't like the subject matter of a self portrait. It hurt but, as a fighter, to spite them I kept creating. Kept up practicing self portraits, and it helped me not take criticism of my art too personally, no matter who says it. 

Where is your favorite or most inspirational place?

Anywhere with trees, bird song, and waterfalls. OR completely conversely, in a city (Boston) wandering with a couple friends, taking in the sight, sounds and people all around. 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given about per
​​sueing your artwork?

"Do what you love, take criticism as it comes and listen. It doesn't matter what people think you should be creating, create what inspires you." 

What’s integral to your work as an artist?

Passion and inspiration. If I don't have those two things when trying to create, it shows, the life isn't in the work I'm doing! 

What role does the artist have in society?

The artist has an important role in society. Artists generally have a few ways they reflect it and that is subjective based on each artist. We want to provoke reaction, good or bad, to start a conversation, inspire, or follow. We give to society color, texture, and evoke emotions within those pieces based on what resonates the viewer.

How has your practice change over time?

I stopped doing what others wanted me to do, and started drawing/painting/doing what I wanted to do. Stopped trying to figure out what I thought I should want to be doing, and just doing what I actually wanted to do- and for a while, it was drawing and putting together new 'poses' of Disney movies, from first 
release date to current.

What art do you most identify with and why?

That depends on the mood. Probably in general, I identify with the Realism period of art. The clarity, and the weight within the paintings is something I work towards, I'm bad at abstraction and prefer when I recreate for things to appear lifelike and have their own light and weight within the piece.

Do you believe that it is important to be accepted by others as being creative or is just doing what you love to do enough to justify your work?

So far, doing what I love has been enough! Acceptance is nice, but it is fleeting as soon as you create something that person doesn't agree with. 

How did you choose your style of artwork?
Developed it over time, and it's constantly changing as I try out new styles! ​
What inspires you? 

Life and people around me

Do you feel that you chose your “passion” or did it choose you?

​A bit of both. It chose me, but when it got hard to create at the level I wish it to be, I chose to pursue and practice. ​

If you knew that you only had one last opportunity to express yourself creatively, what message would you want to convey to others?

When life gets tough, better get tough and get going. Not sure how that would translate into an art piece, but maybe that's something for me to work on!

For more information on Rachel's art you can email her directly at:


With winter here and PROJECT S!NE HQ being located in the heart of New England, we thought “Let It Snow” would be a perfect theme for this months featured show of S!NEWAVE ! Sifting through our plethora of talented artists, we came across one whose work froze us in awe! His name is Brett Badolato and he specializes in making incredible portraiture paper snowflakes. He’s been designing and cutting these amazing works of art for nearly a decade and we are proud and honored to share his talent to the world as our featured artist for the festive month of December. Without further adze, we present Brett Badolato.


2017 is coming to an end really quick, and being that we started in September we have had 3 dj's that have made a the end of the year for Project S!ne fun and eye opening.  September 1st was our born on date and for that month we had our First Featured Dj ever for P.S.  DJMiahLove was the one to take this honor and let me tell you This Dj was not only Heaven to our ears he was a complete PLEASURE to work with. We had some ups and downs and a lot of indecisiveness with how and when Project S!ne was gonna be born and when to air our First S!NEWAVE show.  DJMiahLove worked with us on every level and  was a accepting of the fact we were still new at this. He finally came in to the studio on and threw down an Amazing  2 hour set that consisted of 1 hour of some Liquid DnB as Liquid Love(Miah's alter ego for liquid DnB) and then an hour of House! We also had Steve Visceglie with some live graffiti and his art work that he did is hanging in the Project S!ne studio for everyone to enjoy. Click below to see their work.


    For October we had the lovely Shar4, who has been someone who we have known for a couple years and thought she deserved this feature 



In 2009, colleagues at a previous job wanted to decorate their office for the holidays without spending money. Brett had the idea of cutting some snowflakes out of paper and quickly realized that he had a particularly unique talent, leading to his artistic inception. Cutting snowflakes to decorate his office for the next eight years thinking nothing of it other than enjoying the creative process, he got an overwhelming response of people impressed by his extravagant designs. He then started posting pictures of his work on social media sites opening the doors to the artistic community. Deeply committed to Bernie Sanders' presidential run, someone had suggested creating a snowflake using Bernie for the concept. Accepting the challenge and completely nailing the design, people really started to take notice and suggest designs that are more challenging. Since then he has been committed to portrait snowflakes. This year he decided to change things up a bit by adding color layers and experimenting with different shading ideas. When asked what keeps him inspired, he smiles and says, “I just want to know how far I can push this medium.”



His works can be followed here:


Instagram: @cutting_edge_snowflakes


Here's a link to albums of snowflakes He has created:


He recently had an article/interview published on the November Salem show:

due to her work with charities in VT and around. she runs DEVOTE in VT and she is always working within her community to do better and in saying that she has invited us to do things with DEVOTE in the future and we were more then willing to accept! As it was Halloween we decked out the studio all creepy and she came in as Wonder Woman and rocked a sweet 2 hour house set.  Kila's sister Krista Rodrigues stepped up for the visual part of October sending us her work and a video of her painting. Unfortunately her video was not able to load in time for the live show, but is still up on our site.

    As our November crept up on us as is everything this year, we had HUGE for this month and he was also as everyone else a joy to work with. He as the founder of Funky Communications had alot going on in November so we had to prerecord his set the Day after Thanksgiving for the show to be aired the following day for S!NEWAVE SATURDAY'S.  For reasons unsaid the friday he came was a disaster in the realm of getting there and recording,  but like a true artist HUGE rose above and still made it to us for his recording. This was HUGE with the circumstances he was under that evening. Art has no age limit and our visual guest for November was a 14 year old young lady who has tremendous skills at her age. She sent us some art work and a live video of herself in the process, which can be found on the live feature show for November.

    We would like to thank our crew of resident Dj's for stepping up and helping carry the load of bringing you our audience music to listen to EVERY WEEK! In no particular order our crew is made up of Massapeal, The Ark, Dj Vicious, Dj Ray, The Reverend, DJ Steve Miller, Tetraspore, Fuji, Dj Luesistic, & Matt Jessico. These guys make up the Project S!ne team and we are glad to have met them all along our path and thank them again for their work in and out of the crew!

    As this year comes to a close and a New Year begins, we will be in the studio on NYE with a special Sunday edition of our S!NEWAVE show and it will be extended to 5 hours. You can tune in from 3-8pm and get your NYE started right with some bumping tunes. WE look forward to 2018 and making the show even better and we are also bringing in some guests we are sure you will love some insight on, just like us. 

                                                                                                 HAPPY HOLIDAYS


                             PROJECT S!NE

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Novembers Featured Dj/Artist







As the founder of Funky Communications and the brainchild behind nightlife staples like Funky Fridays, The Compound, and Physical Therapy, Huge is a Providence house-head original. This pioneer of the New-England Rave scene has spent over a decade and a half honing his craft, throwing it down, and bringing the music to the people having played along such acts as DJ Dan, Corduroy Mavericks, Donald Glaude, and Rabbit in the Moon.
Since joining the Sugar Shack family almost two years ago, Huge has contributed his brand of house music to the global sound with the Funky Communications radio show, which is broadcast weekly.

You can look forward to an unmatched set of funky ass, booty-shakin, foot-stompin beats when Huge is in the House.

What is it that got you into the underground electronic music scene, & who influenced you early on in your career? 

Valentine's weekend of 1993, at age 15, I jumped in a car headed to a "Rave", Prior to that day, I had never heard the word Techno or Rave, but after that night I would never forget. The party was called Blue and it changed my life. Early on I did not aspire to be a dj, I was only a fan and a dancer. I only started DJing, when I slowed down on the every weekend raving, towards the late 90's. In the beginning I tried to emulate the greats I had watched at 3 and 4 in the morning, people like DJ Dan, Dante, Feelgood and Sir Charlz. Osheen has always been an influence of mine, Rhode Island's original bad boy of House, he played countless large and small events around the area when I was coming up, his style, attitude, and charisma showed me how to truly work a room and a party for that matter. 

As the the founder of Funky Communications, what prompted you to start Funky Comm. which has now become a New England staple?

 Funky Communications was officially started in 2005. Our first events were after parties for events happening at Club Therapy during this time. We would rent out venues and start at 6am and go til noon, these parties became known as Breakfast and they set this journey in motion. My reasons for starting Funky Comm, are pretty simple, I wanted to play music. When I stopped going out as much and began learning to DJ, I quickly fell out of the circles within the scene, as we all know, our scene is constantly growing and faces change. I was not a DJ who played for 5 months and then started taking bookings, on the contrary I played at home for 5 years before stating that I was a DJ. This was great in the sense of my abilities and how I would sound in front of people, however I had been home for 5 years and knew very few of the people making moves within the scene anymore. Out of necessity Funky Communications was born, with a little love from the New England crews and a lot of love from the underground, we flourished. From dirty warehouses, to logging trails in Maine, pig farms to bridge overpasses in the city, it was on and it was real. 

Being a Dj in this day and age, there are endless amounts of tech. to push this scene forward. What is your take on the old vs the new in the technology dept.?

 As a DJ, I was classically trained on vinyl. When I started mixing records, turntables were the norm. CD players were not being used at the raves and clubs I was attending or aspired to play at. Within a few years however, that all began to change. I held on to my records, honing my skills on the Technics until the last days. Honestly I only switched to using digital due to the lack of proper working turntables in clubs. Now, a decade later, I have grown to enjoy using CDJs. With the introduction of recordbox a whole new world has been opened up. The ability to see waves, and loops reinforces what I have spent years training my ears to pick up on. Digital advances will not make you a great DJ, only time will do that, however it does help with the learning curve for newcomers to the field. There is no more float of the platter, working the pitch, or chasing the mix. If you set each pioneer at 125bpm, those songs are in time, it’s up to you to use proper phrasing in your mix. Without the need for as many platter adjustments, I have been able to concentrate on the mixer and the mix more. It has allowed me to do all the things I always wanted to with a turntable and taught me to truly control the mix.

 One of my normal questions is whats your favorite genre...Knowing that you are a house head for life(LOL) what would be your second fav genre to play?? & Why?

 Although House is my love and ultimately my favorite to play, I do enjoy some broken beats as well. I am a sucker for a sexy Florida break and played them quite a bit in the early 2000's. When transitioning from vinyl to digital, my focus became more focused on house, but I do still keep a folder of jungle with me.

 What does HUGE do for fun outside of having this type of kickass job??

 Music,DJing, and the Underground are my life, my love, and my fun. If I am not performing, I try to get out and support the scene. Sometimes its a big event, sometimes its a local club event on a Tuesday, either way it makes me happy. 

 What would you do if there was no such thing as music?? 

 I would probably click and beep a lot.

 If you were in the booth with DJ that was new to the game, what kind of pointers would you throw their way, and did you ever have this happen when you were new to DJing??

 I would tell them to slow down. let the song do its thing and let the dancefloor enjoy it. I was fortunate enough to receive a few pointers early on, not the advice I just offered, but there is one that always stuck with me. Be aware of your levels, you don't want to be overzealous with a mix and be overpowering tracks with volume. The Mix is all about the subtleties. 

And last but not least the question I ask every Featured DJ, ANYWHERE in the known universe where would HUGE play his dream set??

 I have had the opportunity to play in some amazing places but I think what truly makes a set special is the people. Give me a dark, dirty warehouse or give me a beach at sunrise, location takes the back seat to the dancers for my dream set.

November 2017 Featured Artist:

Savee Scribbles


I am a 14 year old self taught artist who was born in the city and raised in the country. I started really getting into art and drawing three years ago. I live with my mom, 22 year old brother and 4 year old sister. I enjoy watching anime and cartoons such as "Steven Universe," "Voltron" and "Fairy Tail".
Some of the things I like to create are fan art and story lines for my OCs (own characters). I enjoy creating mini comics that are separate from the main story arc. My styles consists of cartoon and anime styles. I get most of my inspiration from looking outside at nature and listening to music.  One of my best friends also gives me ideas for comic strips. 
My favorite art supply at the moment are copic markers and colored pencils.  I have recently gotten into them and are now hooked.  At the moment I have 12 but I have more in shipping.  I am waiting to experience using a Wacom.

 my Instagram:

How does creating art make you feel?

When I’m drawing it’s like I can be who I want and express myself freely.  It also makes me feel peaceful.  I can let my mind drift from the stress of school, homework and tests.

Do you think that creativity involves putting your heart and soul into your work?  Or is it more like letting your mind flow freely to witness the surprising results of your actions?

When creating a piece or comic I feel like it’s both putting your heart and soul and letting your mind wander.  Sometimes I have an idea of what I’m creating and it becomes something entirely different.  

What is the coolest art tip that you’ve ever received?

The coolest art tip that I’ve ever received was using an old nail filer to sharpen your pencils so you don’t waste a lot of the wax or graphite.

As a young creative artist, do you believe that you perceive the world differently from other people? Do you think any “unusual” thought processes are involved when you draw?

When I draw I mostly think about anatomy and how I want to draw what I’m drawing.  I think about how far I want to go with detail and shading.  I also wonder if I want to keep it simple or add a background.  I also think about what style I want to do.  A simple one or a complex one.  

When it comes to art, there are a lot of different styles and techniques, how do you differentiate yours from the rest?  In other words, what do you feel makes your work unique and truly your own?

I feel like my art is very bubbly.  I feel like there is a cross between anime or manga and classic animation style.  My other style is mostly cartoon with a hint of a little something in the eyes and facial expressions.  I also express myself with the different styles I create.

  What is the most challenging part about being a young artist?

The most challenging part about being a young artist would have to be time and money.  Sometimes there can be days where I have the whole day to draw.  Than school comes around and I’m only able to create one or two pieces.  Art supplies are ridiculously expensive!  For one copic sketch marker it’s eight dollars!  Even good erasers are expensive.  Another is that some people don’t take you seriously.  They don’t think you can gain anything through art.

Do you believe that it is important to be accepted by others as being creative or is just doing what you love to do enough to justify your work?How did you choose your style of artwork?  What inspires you?  Do you feel that you chose your “passion” or did it choose you?

I believe it’s both.  Of course this is only my opinion.  You have to be able to love what you’re doing but also take in constructive criticism.  If someone tells you to change your style because they don’t like it, don’t listen to them.  I choose my style of artwork two years ago.  That started off with the classic romance manga style which lead to a shonen style.  Over the past few months it has progressed to a cross between a cartoon/comic style and anime.  Some things that inspire me are looking at other artist’s work and seeing how good they are.  Then I make it a goal to make good art and become better.  I’ve always been into drawing but I started considering as a major hobby and hopefully a career, about two years ago.  I feel like it chose me.

Do you create art for yourself or to share it with others?

When I first started really getting into drawing it was for myself.  I didn’t want anyone to look in my sketchbook and saying awful stuff about my work.  Now I do it for both.  Drawing makes me happy and I now enjoy people seeing my art.  My art is like my children and when people like my pieces it pleases me. 

If you knew that you only had one last opportunity to express yourself creatively, what message would you want to convey to others?

If I knew that I only had one last opportunity to express myself creatively, I would tell others that you get better with practice.  Even if you believe that you are the worst drawer or painter in the world, the more you draw the better you will become.  It may not seem like you’re progressing but if you look at drawings that you did a month earlier after drawing everyday, you will see a big improvement.

.............SCARY GOOD OCTOBER.............

We had the pleasure of meeting Shara a couple of years ago when she booked Kid O. and Kila for an outside event to save a drive in movie theater from closing. We had no issues being a part, because she was doing something positive to help out her local community and looking out for her fellow human. We then found out, that was the tip of the iceberg with Shar4, and her never-ending dedication to being an artist who uses her talents for good use. With Devote she always  has her hand in the cookie jar of good and we are glad to have her as October's Featured DJ/Artist...


October 2017 Featured Artist:


The Electronic Music Alliance
The NH House Movement
The VT House Movement

Shara's interest in music began at an early age by having both parents as music teachers; her mother a pianist and music teacher, her father a guitarist. With training in piano and music theory, she began composing songs at the age of 13, performing live on the piano at different events throughout her teenage years. Her interest in EDM came later in 2005, when she was introduced to the Montreal dance scene. Local DJs such as DJ Maus, King Louis, DJ XL, Creator and Mighty Kat influenced her taste in EDM along with International DJ's such as Junkie XL, DJ Dan, Satoshi, Benny Benassi, Danny Howells and Preach.



Shortly after, she began producing and remixing tracks of different genres. She was introduced to different software programs which enabled her music abilities to strive through the computer. She quickly began to produce tracks that were widely liked by many. She has releases with Symphonic  Distribution, Sogood Music/ACO-Tech, Direct Drive Digital, Android Muziq, 6N7 Music, and more!  After getting a taste of the production side of things, Shara began DJing locally in her state in 2007. Since then, she has DJ'd all over the North East, including Canada, London, and Alaska; sharing the stage with great talent such as Chus & Ceballos, Sydney Blu, dj shortee, Joe Bermudez, Exodus, Richard Fraioili, Bastinado, Kid Optimus, Ben Coda, Tyler Michaud, and many more. 


Shara Dee is a founding member of The Electronic Music Alliance...The Electronic Music Alliance (EMA) is a 501(c)(3) public charity, non-profit organization, and global membership alliance uniting the electronic music industry and community to be the “Sound of Change”; cultivating, collaborating, and celebrating social responsibility, environmental stewardship, community building, and volunteerism.


Shara also creates nights where multiple DJs share the decks while benefiting a variety of charities starting back in 2007. Those nights are called  "DeVote" and admission is a little cash + a non-perishable food item, clothes, toys, books, ect. depending on what charity is being helped. Not only is money or donated items given to multiple organizations, but she brings awareness to them as well. Stay updated with the schedule on this website, email info @, or "like" DeVote on Facebook to know when and where DeVote will be next! 


Search ShaR4 on Soundcloud for Free Music, DJ Sets, and more




Hello Ms. Shar4 we are stoked to have you as our 2nd featured DJ/Artist. We want to know what got you started in the electronic music scene, and who was some of your early influences?

Thank you for having me! Traveling to Montreal is what made me really fall in love with the scene back in 2004. If I couldn't find friends to go with me some weekends, I would go by myself, making new friends on the dance floor and dancing together until the sun rose! I was blown away by how beautiful the music, venues, and vibes were.
I was influenced by the DJs I saw at those afterhours- Danny Howells, Satoshi, Benny Benassi, Junkie XL, and more. It wasn't until I saw Montreal's local female DJ Maus that made me realize this was something that I could do and wanted to be a part of so bad.

We know you're doing things with Devote all the time, can you give everyone an idea of what Devote is and does?

DeVote is a night I created in 2007 where multiple DJs share the decks while benefiting a variety of charities. Admission is usually a little cash + a non-perishable food item, clothes, toys, books, ect. depending on what charity is being helped. Not only is money or donated items given to multiple organizations, but I bring awareness to them and promote their organization as well!

What do you find the most rewarding to you as a Dj/Artist?

Definitely being able to bring joy to people's lives even if it's just for an hour while they're taking a journey during my set- looking up and seeing people smiling, sometimes shaking my hand and giving me high fives means the WORLD to me. Especially if it's music that I personally created. The feeling is indescribable. even better feeling is when all of this happens while literally helping other people's lives- whether it be giving my LGBTQ friends a place to let loose with no worries or if its dropping off baskets full of food to the local homeless shelter.

As someone active in the scene how do you feel about the mainstream electronic music compared to the underground part of it?

My heart is definitely with the underground but I can respect all genres/parties. I don't like the battle between genres- I don't even like that we have to put a label on music. Just open your ears, stay open-minded and promote what you love, don't bash what you hate.

What is your favorite genre to spin? and why?

I'm a House/Techno Head mostly- but all different types...House, Tech House, Electro House, etc. In the Techno world, I'm more about Minimal Techno; not so much the dark, scary hard driving type Techno.
Minimal Techno was really my first introduction into the Montreal scene and will always have a special place in my heart- one of my earlier tracks I first produced called "Mind Bend" was released on a Minimal Techno label out of Montreal- it was almost 8 minutes long with a whole lot of bleeps and bloops! :)

Back in the day we had 2 turntables and a mixer, what is your take on the way it was vs now with all this new technology?

I think the advances in technology are great and amazing! It has made transporting music and remixing tracks on the spot way easier. I respect what anyone wants to spin on but I don't respect people who put down others for what they use. Just ignore the haters and do what you love/feel comfortable with. But don't be scared to learn and try new methods too!

This one is a weird question but what would you do without music?

That is a great question...I would probably shrivel up and die or at the very least be extremely miserable and lost in this crazy world.

Last but not least...If you had an option to spin a set anywhere in the known universe, where would you choose?

I would love to play in as many cities/countries as possible but if I had to choose 1 place...I'd have to say the Love Parade in Germany!

Featured  Visual Artist: Krista Rodrigues

Krista is currently a resident of Richmond, VA, who works for her local PaintNite. She has been dabbling in all facets of Art for about 20 years. She enjoys many different forms such as Painting, Drawing, Quilting, Knitting, Sewing, Crocheting, Sculpting, Pastels, and just about anything else she can get her hands on to or into.

   As a purveyor of fun and the enjoyment of life, she draws inspiration from the world at large around her. She enjoys reading, watching some of her favorite shows (Game Of Thrones, Stranger Things, Rick and Morty, Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, Futurama etc.) being outside in nature, her kids and her furry kids.

   Someday (when she grows up) she aspires to be an Art teacher to High School age kids, and to at risk inner city youth. For now she is happy with her in home studio and a nice cup of tea.

The Interview:

First of all, Krista, welcome and thanks for being our featured visual artist for October here at PROJECT S!NE! I guess we should start off by asking; What got you into this type of artwork and how long have you been creating it?

Well, Thanks for having me on board Project S!ne! I love that y’all are helping to promote Art and Artists in a time where I feel that it’s not as fundamental part of life as it used to be. I don’t have a specific area of expertise, as I’ve been known to dabble in all kinds of media from pen and pencil to paint and canvas to textile and fabric arts such as Crocheting, Knitting, and Quilting. I have been creating artwork as long as I can remember; I think High School (my Art teacher specifically) really cemented my love for all things Art. She really gave me the ability to explore different avenues, without limitations or time constraints. Under her wing I was able to learn some bits of photography, different art medias (painting, drawing, perspective) and Ceramics/Pottery.

What’s integral to your work as an artist?

Music. Anything that can evoke a feeling I cannot shake. I cannot create anything without some kind of music on in the background. It not only gets me moving, it keeps me grounded and helps me focus.

What role does the artist have in society?

I feel like an artist has the role of the giver. I mean that sounds simple, but, anyone can give money, or time, but not everyone can give a gift like Art. I feel like it is our job to give back something that can’t be recreated or duplicated. You can attempt the same painting multiple times, but something is always different. Your Art takes on a life of it’s own. Also, as an artist, I like to give the gift of love. In a society that tells you that you have to look like a model, or behave like a “Lady” I believe that’s all fucking crap. If we were made to be the same, no one would have flaws or look different. I work as an artist for PaintNite. I could go around all night telling people that “you need to fix this” or “that sucks,” but I would rather spend my time building people up. Instead choosing to say “Hey I really like what you did there!” Or if someone doesn’t like what they have I offer to help them. I want a world where everyone can be proud of their creativity, even if it’s not the greatest. You never know, one day they could be.

How has your practice change over time?

Tough question, I mean it’s easy to say I’ve gotten better, but that’s also relative to my experience.  My patience for myself has definitely improved tenfold, but the old adage that you are your own worst critic has never left me. I hold myself to such a high level of perfection that I often forget that it’s supposed to be fun too, which holds me back at times.

What art do you most identify with and why?

Abstract.  Some people love to say well that shit isn’t art, its just throwing paint at a canvas, and anyone can do it. While that can be true, it really is such a challenge to let go enough to leave things like balance, symmetry, and color schemes to the wind and truly make something out of nothing.

What themes do you pursue?

Abstract, mainly, but I do like to do portraiture (animals and people).  

Describe a real-life situation that inspired you?

I love to peruse Instagram, Pinterest and Photos in general to get ideas for paintings, and color schemes.

As an artist, what outlook do you have on life?

Whatever it is, do it. We’re not here long enough to second-guess anything.  I hate the idea of death; to be honest it scares the shit out of me, but I use that a lot to drive my art. I don’t really consider anything artistically out of bounds.

What's the most memorable response you had to your artwork?

I made a fellow student in my abstract art class want to vomit. I had some really strong colors next to each other that were “vibrating” and making her nauseous. Gotta find the humor when you can!

Where is your favorite or most inspirational place?

Nature in general; Being somewhere quiet and serene really gives me time to get out of my head long enough to be at peace. In this crazy technology driven world, being able to disconnect every once in a while is an amazing feeling.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

“You don’t need Art school.”  A great artist whom I admire that I’ve met recently told me this at a time when I was super-critical of my artwork and life in general after being denied entry to Art school. I felt like I didn’t have a purpose and I desperately needed to hear that in that moment. Sometimes the art community can be so bougie that they forge that people are human and have souls. I felt like someone pulled the Earth out from under me after the denial, and all it took was one sentence to put it back.

Professionally, what’s your goal?

To keep making Art; I have no long-term goals, so to speak. I just want to make people feel moved in a world that seems so stagnant, especially lately.

What is your dream project?

Getting a Galaxy painting that is more precise. It’s something that’s haunted me for a while now. I think it’s because I’ve only ever seen pictures of them, and have nothing tangible to make a comparison to.

What wouldn’t you do without?

My bed. I swear it’s where all my best ideas manifest; I’d be lost without it. As someone who suffers from Anxiety and Depression, a bed can be the most comforting place in the world. There’s no one there to judge you, except you. There are days I cannot leave my bed, but I make sure those days have a pen and paper for ideas.

If you are interested in in Kristas art and want to contact her, you can visit her Facebook page Here!! or email her directly at

Where is your favorite or most inspirational place?

Some of my favorite places are out in the woods or on a beach. I do also find art museums and galleries to be very inspirational. However, I can still appreciate a hopping night club.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Its never too late and don't give up.

Professionally, what’s your goal?

My only real goal in life is to be the best person I can be no matter what I'm doing or whom I'm with.

What is your dream project?

Wow... Haven't really given it much thought. Maybe I should. Hmmmm.....

What wouldn’t you do without? I could never live without music. Never!

Project S!nes own...

KOKT is the tagteam of Kid Optimus & Kila Trax which was created back in late 2010. They have been friends for 20 plus years and were teenagers when they met..Over the years they kind of went their own ways, while both sticking with dj'n, then in about 2008, Kila was in charge of night and asked Kid O. to come spin...well needless to say, that was when they found out that their taste in their choice in music was VERY similar..They stayed in contact with each other and then in 2010 Kila was just sittin around thinkin of what he could venture into in music that would start something new..he just hung up with Kid O. and something clicked..He called Kid O. back and said "Dude would u be interested in working together and doing a tagset?" Kid O's reply was yes, but now they had figure out what they would call themselves?? A day or 2 went by and Kila called Kid O. again and said.."what if we just used our initials??" @ that point was when the funniest part of this lil story came into play.. K.O.K.T...was the initials of the 2 of them and they were like "YEAH THAT WORKS!!" So they started working together in Kid O's apartment, doing sets that were recorded, and also Kid O. was trying to teach Kila about production. While they were dj'n together the setup they used was pretty unique. While Kid O. used Serato for dj'n Kila used Traktor going back and forth they could not use any type of sync buttons.. The feel of the oldschool was alive between the 2 of them as they could both use timecoded records on turntables. Since that time they have done a couple of tracks that they produced which were picked up by EHTRAXX Records out of Brazil and all the while they have had countless gigs in the New England area. This last year they talked about wanting to do something different...and so PROJECT S!NE was born...Now is their time to give back to the scene that has been in their hearts for years, So if you want to be a part of their never-ending journey, submit some music here on the site..Trust me!!, you will want to be a part of this Project...

K.O.K.T. Biography:

What kind of name is that??
Don't let the name fool you, KOKT has nothing to do with drinking or any type of sexual innuendos..
It stands for Kid Optimus & Kila Trax, 2 of New England's top names in the Electro House game, & between the 2 of them they have 2 decades + behind the platters that matter!!
These guys also have there own personas, besides being together as KOKT...

Dj/Producer Kid Optimus has been rockin decks for about 20 years, & about 10 years ago started tinkering with music production. Honing his skills and developing his unique style, he has built quite a name for himself in the Electro House scene with multiple releases of both originals and remixes available on Beatport, also having multiple record labels backing him and supporting his music...

Dj/somewhat producer Kila Trax has also been manipulating his tables for about 20 years. More focused on DJing than his buddy above, he has had over 50 mixes recorded, multiple residencies & plenty of gigs throughout New England, on top of running 2nights in the past, 1 weekly and 1 monthly...

You may ask yourself what sets these guys apart??

It's very simple.. You take 2 top notch, professional dj's who are are at the top of their game, add some turntables, a mixer, both of their laptops,1 running Serato and the other running Traktor, one dropping original tracks and the others nack for amazing track selections & there you have it.....SO MEET US ON THE DANCEFLOOR AND WE WILL GET YOU....K.O.K.T.

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